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I am looking for way to clear of twitter card cache using api I am aware of this tool of Twitter helps in clearing the cache of the cards https://cards-dev.twitter.com/validator I am looking for a way to integrate this process into my application. There is no API for clearing the card crawler cache, and the card validator is not intended to be used in this manner. I'm writing a program that'll help people update their twitter feeds and sometimes the cached content doesn't match what's being shared.What I am looking for is something similiar to what facebook offers (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/opengraph/using-objects#update) I did try a simple code like below which happens in the twitter's tool. Simply re-submitting the same URL to the validator will not refresh the cache, so this would not work. How can we programmatically clear the Twitter cache of a URL?This has been an issue with twitter for years, are there any plans on implementing functionality that would allow users to programmatically invalidate / update / the cache / force re-scrape the meta tags? I can't find any information on how to programmatically update the cache @ twitter in the link you provided, can you tell me more precisely where to find this info?(Creating a bit.ly-link is not a solution since the full URL is still cached and users tweeting that URL will still show old data) It's not a programmatic solution unfortunately, but the guidance in the troubleshooting page suggests adding junk parameters to the end of the URL (or otherwise) to cause the crawler to revisit the page.This method allows for faster uploading and a better user experience for your visitors.It also reduces load from your servers and reduces the complexity of your applications.

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For more information, see For developers: Use a cache substitution widget.When using Cloudinary's SDKs, the 3 security parameters are generally configured globally, but they can be provided with each call instead.While you can use the API directly within your custom code, it is simpler and recommended to use Cloudinary's SDKs.Cloudinary provides a secure and comprehensive API for easily uploading images from server-side code, directly from the browser or from a mobile application.You can either use Cloudinary's API directly or through one of Cloudinary's client libraries (SDKs), which wrap the upload API and simplify integration with web sites and mobile applications.

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